ASHA Demands Free STI Testing, is “Serious About Sex”

 Wesleyan student groups have a history of advocating for sexual health causes in the form of viral YouTube spots, so here’s the latest and greatest: “Wesleyan Is Serious About Sex,” a video by Susanna Banks ’13 and Taylor Morales ’13 to aid ASHA’s campaign for free STI testing at Wesleyan. The video involves PG-13 depictions of heavy petting in the Olin stacks (nice panning shots!) and liberal usage of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now,” so keep it away from your grandma.

Its purpose? To spread a Google Doc petition lobbying the University to “provide free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center.” As Banks explains it,

Wesleyan students are serious about sex. Let’s be serious about our sexual health, and DEMAND FREE STI TESTING! Currently getting tested for sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center can cost up to $100, creating a financial barrier for many students. Williams, Bowdin, and Colby offer free testing to their students—why don’t we?

Please watch our video and fill out the google form explaining to the University why you think it is important to have free testing. And of course, don’t forget to GYT—get yourself tested!

What say you? Should the university be expected to provide free STI testing for students?

ASHA has, in the past, provided the service at Green Street Arts Center and Eclectic. This year, there is no such option. For some figures, pricing for individual STI tests at Davison varies heavily—from no charge for public lice, scabies, and HPV (genital warts) tests to $150 for a Herpes blood test. Click past the jump for a full chart via Davison’s website. 

Confidential testing for exposure to HIV is available at the Health Center by appointment only. Rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes-$30) is available as well as testing via blood or saliva ($27-47). Testing for other sexually transmitted infections is available and confidential.

Other Sexually Transmitted Infections – Please note:   the last full gyn exams and STI testing for the spring semester will end on 5/11 for non-seniors and 5/18 for seniors or students who will be on campus through graduation.

  • Herpes: blisters at time of outbreak can be cultured to help confirm  diagnosis, if necessary – $22 for culture; approximately $150 for Herpes blood test.
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (swab): a screening test for both, as early as 1-2 weeks post exposure and infection – $25.50 per test
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (urine/males only): a screening test for both, as early as 1-2 weeks post exposure and infections – $25.50 per test
  • Syphilis: blood test most effective 4-6 weeks or more post exposure – $14
  • Trichomonas or other vaginal or cervical infections: smear of secretions viewed under microscope while you wait. Time varies from exposure to detectable symptoms – $5.00
  • Pubic lice (crabs): visual examination – no charge
  • Scabies: visual examination – no charge
  • HPV (genital warts): usually diagnosed by visual examination of external genitalia or speculum examination of cervix – no charge
  • The Health Center charges a $5.00 specimen processing feefor all tests sent to outside labs. This fee is billed to student accounts.Prices subject to change.  Please check with the front office for current pricing.

Here’s the YouTube video.

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12 thoughts on “ASHA Demands Free STI Testing, is “Serious About Sex”

  1. Question

    does student insurance not cover any of the costs of testing? what about other insurance plans?

    1. Answer

      Student insurance (Gallagher Koster) definitely doesn’t cover it. Don’t know about other insurance plans. 

  2. A thought

    there is free (sliding scale?) STI testing available in Middletown:

    Publicizing this info and facilitating Wesleyan students use of the center could be helpful. 

  3. H5N1

    Keep in mind that giving us students “free STI testing” isn’t free; the money has to come from somewhere. This means that making STI testing free at the Health Center would essentially just be a transfer of funds from those of us who don’t get tests to those of us who do receive the service.

  4. Use a condom

    I hate it when I am studying and people are having sex a stack over. They like rubbing into my face that they don’t have to study. So if they want to have unprotected sex and interrupt my studying well it is there fault they have an STD.

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