Procrastination Destination Du Jour: #CallMeThis

When a cartoon monkey from family guy rolls a joint while listening to a record player…

Today’s Procrastination Destination is a Tumblr consisting primarily of familiar gif memes with amusing captions. It’s not what you think.

In the beginning, there was #whatshouldwecallme, which probably still clogs your Facebook feed on the daily with mostly insipid GIF/caption pairings describing everyday scenarios. As HuffPost describes its genesis,

“Two college BFFs move to opposite coasts for law school and stay in touch via G-chat, sending each other funny GIFs to describe and share events, situations, and the way they’re feeling. The girls decide to turn their GIF convos into a Tumblr page, which goes viral and now receives between one and two million hits per day.”

Then came the inside-jokey spin-off blogs: #whatshouldwecallcamp, What Should We ‘Cac Me?, #whatshouldwecallyale, #WHATSHOULDWECALLBROWN—yeah, alright, this meme is like two months old, and it wasn’t that interesting in the first place. What’s left?

Enter #callmethis, the annoying viral GIF Tumblr to end all annoying viral GIF Tumblrs. The GIFs are all familiar. Scroll without reading and it could be any of the other blogs. But the captions don’t describe situations involving inside jokes at your summer camp. They just describe the GIFs. For example:

Whenever Carleton dances on The Fresh Prince:

When Mike Myers, playing Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, makes air quotes and a funny face:

It’s so simple that it’s—well, not brilliant. But it works.

The blog only has two pages at this point, so here’s hoping the flood of hits from this post will inspire a few more entries. Hey, maybe you’ll score a semi-anonymous Huff Post interview about your very own viral Tumblr sensation! Dare to dream.


[shout-out to killofright‘s bro Dan Hamilton]

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