WesRave in Review – SEND US YOUR PHOTOS!

At 11:15 PM on Friday, May 11, several hundred Wesleyan students all pushed play on the same playlist while congregating on the Denison Terrace – the steps behind Olin. The playlist lasted for 1:50:38 and, much to everyone’s surprise, the large mob did not disperse into smaller groups of rogue agents raging around campus. Instead, the mob remained a massive but entirely mobile group and moved all around campus.

But before we say anything else about this, SEND US YOUR PICTURES FROM WESRAVE! No post about this event would be complete without copious photographic evidence, and I know that people were taking pictures because I saw those flashes going off all night. Send whatever you have to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org and I’ll root through it and recreate the evening with photos.

Where did WesRave go? Check past the jump for a full listing.

  1. WesRave began by Denison Terrace behind Olin at 11:15 PM.
  2. Then everyone rushed out onto Andrus Field.
  3. After a while, people started to jump the fence surrounding the field to dance outside Usdan.
  4. Passing between Usdan and Beckham, WesRave went to the lacrosse field at the CFA.
  5. Moved to the CFA Green in the middle of all the buildings.
  6. Passed the Art Library and then went around the Music Studios to cross Wyllys.
  7. Raved down College Row (which included dancing by 41 Wyllys and on the steps of North College.)
  8. Back behind Olin.
  9. Someone shouted “Westco!” and everyone went over to Westco, funneling through the connector hallway leading to Weshop.
  10. WesRave continues down Pine Street until reaching Lawn Avenue.
  11. At Lawn, the group turns into the backyards between Pine and Fountain.
  12. Continued onward to the track at Freeman – jumping over another fence. Rave continues on the field for quite some time. PSafe parks a car with lights on, which makes it much easier to see on the field.
  13. WesRave leaves the field and ends up on Cross Street.
  14. Takes a left on Cross, heading down toward Long Lane.
  15. When almost at Long Lane, PSafe – and eventually an MPD car as well – essentially tell someone to turn back, so the group reverses and goes back toward campus.
  16. MPD and PSafe block off the road near Neon Deli by parking two cars. WesRave instead heads down Knowles.
  17. MPD and PSafe block Vine and WesRave turns back down Vine to head toward Fauver.
  18. Going around Fauver and back through WestCo, WesRave ends up back on Foss.
  19. WesRave ends up going for the last 40 minutes or so on Foss, Andrus, and behind Olin, ending behind Olin with MGMT’s “Kids” and an impromptu singing of the fight song.

All in all, a pretty awesome evening. Kind of like Tour de Franzia, only without the destruction and binge drinking. Hopefully this’ll be a campus tradition now?

At any rate, thanks due to PSafe and MPD for getting us off the road slash preventing us from heading to Wash. Probably a wise decision – can’t imagine that would have ended well given the irritated response we got from the 4 or so cars that interacted with us.

This post will be updated more with a gallery once we get some pictures/video. So send us your stuff! We’d love to post it.

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9 thoughts on “WesRave in Review – SEND US YOUR PHOTOS!

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  2. frostedmoose

    Yoyo – I lifted this off the ACB. Maybe it’s helpful?

    1. Steve Aoki Cudi Remix 
    2. Night Out Madeon Remix
    3. The Black Ghosts Any Way You Choose To Give It
    4. Beyonce Upgrade U
    5. Avicii My feelings for you
    6. Tinie Tempah – Earthquake
    7. Calvin Harris Feel So Close
    8. Stevie Wonder – Superstition
    9. RJD2 good times roll part 2
    10. Ellie Goulding Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
    11. Lupe Fiasco Lightwork
    12. Call Me Greyhound Kap Slap
    13. Daft Punk One More Time/Aerodynamic
    14. Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix)
    15. Danza Kuduro 16. Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada
    17. Vamos a La Playa (Evana Remix)
    18. Save the World (Knife Party Remix)
    19. Everybody by Backstreet Boys
    20. Michael Jackson Thriller
    21. Hey Mama – Black Eyed Peas
    22. Just a Little Bit – Kids of 88
    23. Call Your Girlfriend Robyn
    24. Gold Dust Flux Pavilion
    25. The Anthem (radio Version) Pitbull
    26. Mysterious Can You Dig It Song <– (poster did not know the song)
    27. MGMT Kids

    Thank you anonymous poster, whoever you are.

  3. posiravers

    can someone talk about the tone of psafe/MPD’s interactions? interesting given the security complex’s increasing impulse to manage student events since Fountain ’08.

    1. raveraverave

      I’ve spoken to organizers in touch with P-Safe throughout that night and the tone was very positive.  That we made it through the ~2 hour playlist without being broken up sort of speaks for itself.

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  5. another spot

    between steps 10 and 11- a bunch of us ran up the steps from pine and through exley and down lawn before connecting to pine again to rage in the backyards

  6. CantStopDancin

    Best night at Wesleyan by far, and pretty sure best night of my entire life in general!

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