Cardinal Connect – Adopt a Frosh!

Bored?  Looking forward to a new year already? Good ol’ Sam Ebb ’13 has an enticing offer for ya:

So, whether you want to admit it or not, everyone was once a freshman and had questions like how do I get involved with bands, what is slam poetry, how do I join the Argus, I love to dance/sing/write blogs/take pictures of things/do awesome things with flaming hoola-hoops/etc., but how do I get involved?  Didn’t you wish you had an upperclassmen who did exactly that thing to show you the ropes and tell you where you needed to go to get started?

A solution to this: Cardinal Connect (fill out the 10 second sign-up form here).  It is a program that pairs upperclassmen with freshmen in an area of extra curricular interest.  It is there to provide a foot in the door with whatever the freshmen are interested and get them started.  The best part for upperclassmen: minimal time commitment!  You are only expected to meet with your freshman once a month and that can be over lunch on any day in whatever informal setting you choose and whatever date and time is most convenient for you.  You don’t have to be their best friend and you don’t have to dedicate your life to cultivating your freshman protégé (though you can if you want), you are simply there to help them get started and serve as a resource to answer questions.

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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Connect – Adopt a Frosh!

  1. Sam

    The meeting is essentially chatting about the program expectations and a dean talking about how you shouldn’t use the program as a way to supply frosh with drugs/booze.  It shouldn’t take too long (don’t see it being longer than 30 minutes or so) and I’ll probably work something out where if you can’t make the meeting, you can come chat with me for a few minutes just to confirm the structure of the program and expectations.  We will also have a kickoff event the first week of classes (some kind of free dinner in all likelihood) so hopefully that makes up for the meeting!

  2. meeting

    What’s this meeting we’d have to attend in the fall?  I don’t mind meeting with a frosh and lending a hand, but I really am not up for a meeting telling me how to help frosh find extracurriculars.

  3. Sam

    Important clarifying point: this is open to current sophomores and juniors (aka rising juniors and seniors)

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