Espwesso End-of-Semester Infomashunz

Espwesso was left conspicuously absent from yesterday’s all-campus end-of-semester dining hours email, so here’s some information from Associate Director of Surplus Beans Jacob Eichengreen ’13:

Espwesso is open all week this week for finals! We will be operating 9 pm – 1 am through Thursday night, so come on by to get yoself some free drip (bring your own cup) or other delicious beverage of your choice! As always, we accept points, Middletown Cash, and real cash for donations.

Also, we ordered a bit too much coffee for the end of the year. As a result, we’re offering our surplus beans to everyone at cost so you can enjoy the taste of Espwesso even when we’re not open (i.e. in the morning time, when normal folk drink coffee). We’re asking for a $10 donation per pound, but are more than happy to weigh out any amount of coffee you’d like. Additionally, we’re more than happy to grind it for you if you aren’t lucky enough to have access to your own grinder. Our supplies are limited, so be sure to come in and get yours during normal operating hours as soon as possible.

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