Free Yoga Sessions @ Fayerweather

Raghu Appasani ’12 with a (non-MINDS related post?!):

Stressed out from finals? Come over to Fayerweather 108 for a 30-minute Yoga session and get your mind off of things. Sessions will be led on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 4 pm.

Monday: Shira Engel ’14
Tuesday: Maggie Cohen ’12
Wednesday: Charles Horne ’12

Date: May 14, 15, and 17
Time: 4 pm
Place: Fayerweather 108

Charles Horne ’12 mainly practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa, until venturing to Mysore, India, during a gap year in 2009, where he received his 200 hour RYS certification with Bharath Shetty. While originally approaching yoga as an athletic endeavor, Charles has since come to realize that yoga is not something you’re “good at” or “bad at”, it’s something that makes you feel good no matter what your level. These days his practice centers around re-uniting the mind and the body and bringing awareness back to the present. He can often be spotted on Indian Hill at sunset, unwinding with a few sun salutations and trying to ignore the mosquitos.

Charles’s class blends foundational series from Ashtanga and Iyengar, balancing the goals of getting re-centered, getting a good work out, and chilling out. Each class is a well-rounded regiment of asanas to strengthen and stretch every area of the body. However, special attention will be paid to twists, backbends, and lower back strengthening—all poses which loosen up the spine and undo all of that neck and shoulder tension we accumulate from hunching over our laptops. Asanas will generally be aimed at the beginning/intermediate practitioner, but modifications of each pose will be introduced to accommodate any level. Free chai at the end of class (please try to remember to bring a cup).

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