Roth on Wesleyan on Wesleying: Frosh Fauver To Be Renamed “Bennet Hall”

Ol’ Dougie B. ’59 finally gets a building.

Looks like commencement speaker Senator Michael Bennet ’87 isn’t the only Bennet Wesleyan is honoring in the coming weeks. His father, Douglas Bennet ’59,  P’87, P’94—better known on this campus as Wesleyan’s fifteenth president—will be receiving some attention as well. As Roth slyly announces in the middle of a blog post titled Check Out SWERVED and Good Luck on Finals, “We’ll also be honoring President Douglas Bennet ’59,  P’87, P’94 and his family by re-naming Fauver Frosh Bennet Hall.” Well, hey. What would former athletic director Edgar Fauver think? The guy personally vaccinated the entire student body during the smallpox outbreak of 1914. Fauver Field was dedicated in his honor in 1959.

Despite a fairly shaky relationship with the student body towards the end of his term, Bennet was no sloucher himself. As Wikipedia sums it all up:

He was the fifteenth president of Wesleyan University, in Middletown, Connecticut, from 1995 to 2007. Before that, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs in the Clinton Administration (1993–95) and Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs in the Carter administration (1977–79), was the President and CEO of National Public Radio (1983–93), and ran the U.S. Agency for International Development under President Carter (1979–81).

There’s no word on whether or not the change will go into effect in time for the Class of 2016 to unpack in their Bennet forced triples (ResLife’s website still calls it Fauver), but I’m guessing soon. There’s also no explanation as to why they didn’t just name Wesleyan’s newest building, 41 Wyllys, in Bennet’s honor.  That place needs a name, not an address. After all, it’s the best thing since sliced bread Usdan. I’m still holding out for “Career Resquash Center.”

In other Roth-related news, the president is giving the commencement address at Eastern Connecticut State University tomorrow, and he just did an interview with Northeast Public Radio “about Wesleyan, Freud, memory and history.” Who knew he was interested in those subjects?

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13 thoughts on “Roth on Wesleyan on Wesleying: Frosh Fauver To Be Renamed “Bennet Hall”

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  2. Izzle

    Yo’ Edgar Fauver’s legacy is dope. Plus, it’s right near the athletic center and known as “the athletic (jock) dorm.” Leave it to the former Athletic Director. 41 Wyllys on the other hand is the Career Center. Bennet’s accollades all stem from his CAREER- slash he was president and ceo of NPR (alumnus on deck/ communications and networking at work which is what the Career Center does)!
    It’s only been called Fauver for 5 years! lol Come on. Are we gonna be calling it the new building for the NEXT five years too? Anyways, I think we should continue to Honor Edgar Fauver and this Bennet fellow, by bestowing his name on the onlyotherbuildingoncampusthatNEEDSANAME! 41 Wyllys. #keepfauver #bennetcareer41squashcenter

  3. Clark Bennett

    This means that all the specifically freshman dorms (you don’t count, 200 Church) have names that could be either first or last names. Weird.

      1. Bennett Clark

        EXACTLY! (You could stretch, and say that Hewitt and Butterfield could be first names, but we left the 19th century a long time ago.)

  4. Rachel Pincus

    Dude, the pic’s of Senior Fauver! I’m pretty sure one advantage of this name change was to eliminate confusion between Freshman and Senior Fauver. Still a mindfuck though. –Fauver expert and former Fauverite

    1. Zach

      Apparently I can’t tell the difference anymore. The picture is changed, but your point obviously stands.

    2. Wes '14

      Nah, hat’s Fauver Frosh, I bring tours through there regularly, its the back of fauver frosh. Reason CC isn’t being named Bennett Something is because someone already gave it a naming gift, if I recall. 

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