BandCampWes: Speedy Ortiz Seeks Funds for Summer Tour

Speedy Ortiz is the project of long-time Sound Coop member Dan Ferm ’12 and a bunch of other friends from Northampton, MA. Appropriately, the band sounds a whole lot like fellow western Massachusetts noise-makers Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh, plus others from the early ’90s indie/lo-fi cloth—earnest melodies swamped in dense, fuzzy overdrive, with melodic vocal lines and inventive guitar tuning. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Taylor Swift,” which sounds not very much like its namesake at all:

Speedy Ortiz plans to release a 10″ EP on vinyl, CD, and hopefully tape at the end of the month, so start dusting your cassette players. The band has been spotted performing in various houses on campus, and hopefully more before graduation. The band is also planning to tour cross-country this summer, so members have set up one of them fancy Kickstarter thingamajigs to raise $4,000 to bring noise to your freaking hometown:

VANS ACROSS AMERICA! Speedy Ortiz wants to bring our rock show to a city near you this summer, and we can’t do that without a van! And hopefully a van with decent gas mileage since gas just might cost more than ever this year. But if we can bring the rock out on the road to you, it will be totally worth it!

Thanks to everyone who’s been listening to our music! <3

Also a lot of the content for our kickstarter video was pulled from Youtube. And so we graciously thank anyone who uploaded any live Speedy performances in the past 6 months. They really came in handy!

Here’s the link. In the meantime, you can find Speedy Ortiz on BandCamp, Facebook, and for some weird reason Livejournal.

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  1. cribbles

    jesus, this is better than any wes student rock band i’ve heard in my time here

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