AGAIN, AGAIN: Finals Munchies! Cheesy Goodness Delivered


Enjoyed some finals munchies last night? Didn’t get a chance to enjoy ’em? Good news, another chance from Nica Latto ’13:

Finals got you down? Need a cheesy pickup to your night? We’ll be selling gourmet mac n’ cheese and greek pizza slices to kick-start your studying and satisfy your finals munchies, delivered to either Olin or Sci Li!

– Gourmet mac n’ cheese with caramelized onions ~ $3
– Greek-style pizza with feta, spinach and onions ~ $3
– Brownies ~ $1

Text 978-870-8881 to place your order and arrange delivery (to Olin or Sci Li). Help us finance our road trip across the country!

Date: Monday, May 14 TUESDAY, May 15 (tonight!)
Time: 11pm – 2am
Place: Olin or Sci Li
Cost: $3 for pizza or mac n’ cheese, $1 for brownies
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8 thoughts on “AGAIN, AGAIN: Finals Munchies! Cheesy Goodness Delivered

  1. Truthout

    Just FYI Dominoes will deliver you a whole medium pie for 5.99, felt obligated to share that with my fellow scholars. 

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