Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Freshmemes

Remember how excited you were when you got into Wes back in Spring 20__? You immediately joined the WesAdmits20__ Facebook group, and absurdity ensued. There were those handful of kids who friended everybody in the group (including over-zealous freshman “upperclassmen” ready to share their first-year wisdom). The oh-so-necessary roommate survey thread started (wait, Wes randomly assigns roommates?!). “What colleges did you pick Wes over” (lol I was rejected from Brown too). “Let’s meet-up prior to spending four years together!” “About how many quarters do you think I’ll need for a year’s worth of laundry” (wtf is this M-Town Ca$$)? As the illustrious Laiya Ackman ’15 notes: “Freshman are fucking weird.”

Thanks to the brilliant minds of other jaded college students, there is now a whole site devoted to making fun of the rising freshman class: Freshmemes, the cleaned-up version of Accepted2016. Hours of giggles at your future classmates are now possible!

Quotes from both the WesAdmits2016 group and Freshmemes after the jump:

[Un]fortunately for me, I joined the WesAdmits2016 Facebook group for a campus job and discovered that this year’s batch of prefrosh are just as neurotic as all of us were. Notable quotes:

  • “Did you guys know that HIMYM characters Ted, Marshall and Lily went to Wes?!”
  • “Any hipsters?”
  • “Does Wes have a circus?”
  • “Hate to be that person, but should I pick Wes or Brown?” Notable comment: “Weshop doesn’t sell ground beef so Brown. Goddamn hippies.”
  • “People who went to WesFest: about what percent of breathable air during wesfest smelled of weed? I’m guessing about 35%.”

And my personal favorite:

  • “So I’ve been creeping some over Class of 2016 admitted student pages, and some people are just… excessively trolling others and making some really rude/mean comments… all of you guys seem so much nicer than the people that I’ve observed on those groups.”

As for Freshmemes:

  • Bridgewater College:  Girl: “I’m not the only one who creeps on ya’lls prom pictures, am I? hahahaha”
    Boy: “Yea, can you stop liking mine”
  • Princeton University:  ”Well the AP Physics exam basically dragged me out into the street and shot me. on the nuclear question, I apologized for sounding like a complete moron, but I told the reader I am going to Princeton and therefore actually really smart.”
  • American University: “Okay, classy people, I need your help! How….exactly do I write a letter? Like, I assume I need special supplies and stuff…but how do I do it?? Ahh!”
  • Boston College: “wait I just want to say that I am a real person, and I actually am going to be a freshman at BC next fall.”
  • Harvard University: “‘This old woman at the grocery store saw me wearing my harvard shirt and said, “I’ve never met anyone who’s going to Harvard before. Can I touch you?” And so she reached out and touched my shoulder XD'”
  • RISD: “Guys, I am so excited to meet some of you. :3 Also, to warn you in advance: I occasionally wear fake glasses because sadly I was not gifted with poor eyesight. <: P (pleasedon’tjudgeme) Just to prepare you all. I can’t wait!!!!”


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3 thoughts on “Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Freshmemes

  1. Pugs32750

    This site Freshmemes is a rip off of “accepted students 2016”. Get your own ideas instead of stealing them.

  2. Zach

    Highlight from the Wes 2016 group: “Guys, I just got arrested… Do you think Wes will be cool with that?”

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