Shuttl-U-Stuff to Stor-U-Self

Even final exams offer no respite from that guy Evan Weber ’13 doing nice things for you all the time. This has got to stop. More from Lil’ Webbie:

Dear students,

This year the WSA’s Transportation Committee has partnered with Stor-U-Self Storage – Portland to offer shuttle services so that students without their own transportation can easily have a home for their belongings over the summer (and while abroad).

Stor-U-Self will provide a $15 shuttle service for your belongings from 10am-6pm on the 17th and 18th (Thursday and Friday) and potentially also offer services on Saturday if there is strong demand. They will also offer this service in the Fall (or Spring) when you return to campus.

In turn, WSA members will be available to shuttle you to Stor-U-Self to get your belongings in place. If you have your own transportation, but cannot fit all your belongings in your car, you may also take advantage of Stor-U-Self’s service, but we would appreciate it if you left the student shuttle for those who need it.

Stor-U-Self’s prices are very competitive (see link) and they have agreed to cap prices for Wesleyan students at $59.99 if they run out of units of that size (5×10) or smaller and you do not require a larger unit.

We would appreciate it if you would reply to this email if you would like to take advantage of the WSA’s shuttle service for students and tell us when you would like to go to storage. We may not be available at all times, so please let us know your preference in advance.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Stor-U-Self’s service, give them a call at 860-342-1445.

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  1. WebbieSongz '12

    lol webbie be so i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t.  he knows what that means. he got his own dorm. he got longboard….. dude’s a bad broad.

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