Books and What To Do With Them

If you don’t want to have to deal with packing your books to go home, but also don’t want to get money from them, Friends of the Wesleyan Library has a shining solution:

Donate all the books you don’t want to pack to the Friends of the Wesleyan Library by putting them in the donation bins in Olin and Science Library lobbies. All proceeds from the Friends’ book sales benefit library programs and activities. For more information, email libfriends(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

If you do want to make a few bucks, as always, you can sell books online through efollett, in person at Broad Street (it won’t be much if you’re majoring in the humanities), or directly to other Wes students via Wesbooks. You could also make an Amazon seller account, which is well worth it financially (it’s free) if you don’t mind lugging the books home and shipping them yourself all over the country.

Lastly, on the donation side of things, there’s also Waste Not. You can donate books, and also lots of things that aren’t books. We already posted instructions on how to donate, but if you missed it, go check out that ginormous pod-like creature taking up breathing space in the LoRise courtyard. It really puts a damper on LoRise’s trademark late-night Public Urination Central, but it’s great for photo shoots:

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  1. Anonymous

    what about Selling to other students=cutting out the middleman=everyone saves money. I really hope that this site takes off. Plz include in the post?

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