Procrastination Destination: Hot Dudes from History

da·guerre·o·typean early photograph produced on a silver or a silver-covered copper plate; also : the process of producing such photographs

If your discipline involves studying the past but you’re feeling rather undisciplined, today’s Procrastination Destination is just right for you. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend is a Tumblr “where early photography meets extreme hotness.”

Each post features a dude from the past whose appeal we can still today enjoy thanks to the invention of photography. Some daguerreotypes’ sources or subjects are not known (this guy is unknown but bears a strong resemblance to Orlando Bloom) while others are accompanied by interesting trivia or witty comments. Some daguerreotypes might serve as welcome fashion inspiration in these days of sweatpants and flip-flops. What they all have in common: these dudes have got it going on.

Unfortunately, a Google search for an equivalent blog featuring hot historical ladies does not toss up much — if you’ve forsaken all productivity for tonight or are done with finals and feel so inclined, have at it? And if you fancy learning about awesome historical (and some fictional) folk, no matter their gender, Kate Beaton’s popular webcomic Hark! A Vagrant might be right up your alley. Or if you actually want to, you know, read books after your finals, you could read the good old Horrible Histories series!


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