“Wellesleyan” Tops List of Most Expensive Schools

Earlier this week Business Insider published a list of the 20 Most Expensive Colleges in America. Wesleyan made the cut at #5—$56,006 for tuition, fees, room and board in 2011-2012—topped only by Harvey Mudd, Columbia, NYU, and finally Sarah Lawrence, the tiny Yonkers campus whose total fees have been inching steadily closer to $60k. No surprise when you consider Wesleyan’s rising tuition, uncertain need-blind status (not considered in this ranking, but topically relevant), and other topics of discussion at April’s Affordability Forum. Last spring Wes was #2 on the list.

What should come as a surprising is the photo the magazine placed beneath Wesleyan’s name. Grander than Olin, the building appears nowhere on Wesleyan’s campus (and if it does, it’s been kept even more hidden than the Art Studio tunnels). What gives?

Turns out the image is of Wellesley’s Tower Court, snatched right from the women’s college’s Wikipedia. If Obama can’t differentiate between Wesleyan and Wellesley, how is Business Insider supposed to figure it out? (Okay, fine, Obama was joking. Probably.)

Obama Made a Joke by spazeboy

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