Douglas Cannon Spotted in Zelnick

According to Wesleyan’s Facebook page, the famed  Douglas Cannon made a surprise appearance on campus earlier this afternoon. Thirty-one years after being baked into Wesleyan’s sesquicentennial birthday cake in 1981—and about 18 months after this Douglas Cannon holiday card—the 140-pound, 29-inch long instrument sat on display in Zelnick Pavilion for a few quiet hours. According to Tim O’Brien of University Relations:

The note came to Dean Mike Whaley during the Senior Gift Lunch. The note indicated that it would be on display in Zelnick Pavilion until 3pm today.

For history, see Wikipedia or “A Short History of the Trials, Travels, and Travails of the Douglas Cannon.”

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4 thoughts on “Douglas Cannon Spotted in Zelnick

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    1. sneakergaze

      It was gone before 2.30pm! :( 

      That’s what I get for turning down Usdan food one glorious final time and opting for Main Street instead? Creys. 

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