Wesleyan Trash Roundup

Trash photos from High Rise, Nics, Hewitt, WestCo, and Fauv—I mean, Bennet Hall.

When students leave campus, trash remains. In some dorms (sup, Clark), the filth piles literally to the ceiling while dumpster divers abound in the parking lots below.

Last Sunday, BZOD and I took a brief trek through campus dorms to survey the trash. Clark and Fauver were already well groomed for Reunion Weekend, but High Rise was especially foul. Here’s a peak.

[nggallery id=146]

In other dorm-life news, the Fauver sign has officially been changed to “Bennet Hall.” Scroll on for a photo via Yu Vongkiatkajorn ’13.

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One thought on “Wesleyan Trash Roundup

  1. Young Idealist

    One day, I hope something I excrete can be tagged “filth” on Wesleying!

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