Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02: Back on Campus, Back on Twitter

It seems like only a few months since playwright and In The Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 was last on campus, tweeting his every move up and down College Row. Last night, Miranda made his way to the Rooks’ Eclectic show and had this to say:

He also brilliantly references “Party on Fountain” in #hashtag form (and as if referencing “Party on Fountain” isn’t Wesleyan enough, he also quotes MGMT):

This morning, Miranda continues live-tweeting his escapades on Foss (“Listening to a cocktail of MGMT, Das Racist & Professor Neon on Foss Hill”), at Athenian Diner (“won these in the claw machine at Athenian”), and in the Chapel, where he will speak at noon at the Wesleyan Assembly and Alumni Association Annual Meeting (and where he claims to be writing his speech right now). He urges you to attend:

But if you can’t make it, the whole thing is being webcast at this link:

Now leave the poor guy alone and let him write his speech. It’s at 12 in the Chapel.

Date: Today, Saturday, May 26
Time: 12:00 pm – ??
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: Free

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3 thoughts on “Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02: Back on Campus, Back on Twitter

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  2. johnwesley

    The alumni meeting was great. Lin performed a sweeping, winding, open-hearted rap, with shout outs to Fountain avenue, former Wes crushes (by name) all combined with the wesleyan fight song.  I’m sure it will be on youtube.

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