Now Playing at the Tent Party Pregame: Adrien & William’s “Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night”

“POP MUUUUSIC!” – Henry Molofsky ’13

“Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night” is a weirdly appropriate title for a music video released this weekend, both personally, since yesterday/today I stayed up all night (to make friends for life!), and for the campus community at large–seniors whose Commencement into the world at large is just one last drug-addled night away; underclassmen working Reunion & Commencement this weekend to experience all the Parties on Fountain and none of the parties in Olin; alumni visiting to remember and reconstruct olden times. Don’t say good night, Wesleyan. Eat, drink, and be merry tonight. Have some fun! Too much fun! Go for a last WeScam or three! Dance with a ’57 alum (Martin Benjamin)! Fucking live. Just… don’t be tryna say good night.

Like it? Download it. Like it a lot? See who was involved after the jump.

Here’re some details from Waka Flocka Feinstein ’13 (AKA William) in his idiosyncratic writing style:

Song written by Henry Molofsky ’13, Daniel Sullivan ’13, and myself. (a MOLODIESEL track, a name that stems from the combination of Molofsky #MOLO and D-Sullivan). Performed by Adrien DeFontaine ’13 and me.

Was for Henry and Danny’s Music, Recording, and Sound Design class this year for a recording project. But the song deserved it’s own video.

Video was shot in Lo Rise B5 using all the lights we could find.

It features star-turns from Adrien and William, obviously. But also Hannah Vogel ’13, Zak Malik ’14, Stefan Skripak ’13, Danny, and Henry, with appearances from Neo Sora ’14, Ethan Young ’13, and Dema Paxton Fofang ’13. Also Adrien gets a clairecut throughout the video from Claire Dougherty ’13. Hannah Vogel ’13 steals the show.

Neo and I led the shoot, I edited, Ethan and Dema and Stefan and basically the film majors helped with lights and running the fan and stuff (pics of that on facebook).

Also, we were inspired to write a song like this after Claire Dougherty introduced us to “Let Me Take You Out“, a video by Bryan J featuring Travis Porter.  We all loved that video and song so much that we wanted to emulate it.

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    henry molofsky is a genius, despite the fact that he has a really weird birthmark that you should definitely ask him about.

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