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Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02: Back on Campus, Back on Twitter

It seems like only a few months since playwright and In The Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 was last on campus, tweeting his every move up and down College Row. Last night, Miranda made his way to the Rooks’ Eclectic show and had this to say:

He also brilliantly references “Party on Fountain” in #hashtag form (and as if referencing “Party on Fountain” isn’t Wesleyan enough, he also quotes MGMT):

This morning, Miranda continues live-tweeting his escapades on Foss (“Listening to a cocktail of MGMT, Das Racist & Professor Neon on Foss Hill”), at Athenian Diner (“won these in the claw machine at Athenian”), and in the Chapel, where he will speak at noon at the Wesleyan Assembly and Alumni Association Annual Meeting (and where he claims to be writing his speech right now). He urges you to attend:

Eclectic Party, Feat. The Rooks

Taylor: “We’ll definitely come back some time in the future, but when we do none of us will be students.”

The Rooks: rookies no more, eh? Vocal-savvy frontman and campus friend-at-large Garth Taylor ’12 sends word of one last time to support your local funk band:

As for the Eclectic show, it’s listed in the Reunion & Commencement Events as “Eclectic Party Featuring The Rooks.” The whole party goes from 10 PM to 2 AM. There will be a “cash bar” where ID is required. We will go on when things start to jump off around 11:30PM, we hear there will be an awesome DJ before and after our hour-long set. We’ll be performing a lot of the material we performed at our shows in the ’92 so if anyone missed that, they can get acquainted with our new songs.

This may well be the Rooks’ last show as students, so act fast. For more on the band, click here, here, or here.

Date: Friday, May 25
Time: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Cash Bar

Need-Blind Wes: Informational and Organization Meeting

Wesleying’s own A-Batte writes in with an opportunity to talk about some of the changes being made to Wesleyan’s need-blind status.

For all those interested, there’s going to be an informational and organizational meeting at 3 PM, in the University Organizing Center (190 High St., which is the building between Beta and Eclectic). Any Wesleyan community members should feel free to come—that includes alumni, faculty and staff, and parents as well as students.

For more infomashunz, head on over to this post, with 37 comments and counting. The meeting is in half an hour, so read fast.

Date: Today, May 25
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: University Organizing Center (190 High Street)

Today: Trustees Debate End to Need-Blind Admissions

Also: Roth discusses plan to link tuition increases with inflation, encourages three-year graduation.

Earlier this month, in the wake of the Affordability Forum with President Roth, I posted a brief history of need-blind activism at Wesleyan. In particular, I included an interview with Ben Foss ’95 about the 1992 occupation of North College following President Chace’s proposal to modify Wesleyan’s need-blind status. Wesleyan, I explained then, is today considering instituting a cap on financial aid, a policy under which the University would remain need-blind for 85%, maybe 90% of admitted students in the Class of 2017. Once that cap is reached, admissions would begin to take financial need into account in its acceptance decisions.

So Robert Alvarez ’96, a fellow activist and former member of Wesleyan Republicans, wrote in with additional reflections:

These were not exclusively “radical” undertakings by any means. Rather, they truly united the campus. [ . . . ] In fact, the Wesleyan Republicans that year wound up spending most of our budget faxing out press releases the day of the North College takeover (yes, go ahead  and snicker, but you didn’t email stuff like that back then and faxing was actually pretty expensive). That type of broad-based organizing is tons of hard work, but it is also powerfully effective when you pull it off. I truly hope that a similarly broad-based coalition can come together and protect Wesleyan’s proud financial aid tradition once again.

Turns out Judgment Day is sooner than I realized. Today, at 9:30 a.m. in the Daniel Family Commons, Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees will meet to discuss Roth’s budget proposals for the coming academic year. When the proposed budget passes, it will spell a short-term end to longstanding need-blind admissions practices at Wesleyan. It will also mean linking tuition increases with inflation and encouraging a three-year graduation route. The Affordability Forum hinted at a willingness to include Wes students in the ongoing discussion. So where is all the fanfare, the chanting, the debating?

SURPRISE: Bear Hands / Fort Lean / Peace Museum @ Eclectic

An intergenerational WesBand Senior Week surprise!

Come see some of Wesleyan’s finest musicians perform at Eclectic this Tuesday, May 22nd!

In a lineup hella appropriate for senior week, Bear Hands (Dylan Rau ’07 and Ted Feldman ’09) will be joined by Fort Lean (Keenan Mitchell ’09,Zach Fried ’08Jake Aron ’08Will Runge ’09, and Sam Ubl’ 08 ) and recent Spring Fling openers Peace Museum (Casey Feldman ’12, Gil Sunshine ’12, John Snyder ’12, and Dylan Bostick ’13).

It’s gonna be a doozy.

Date: May 22, 1012
Time: 10 pm – 2 am
Place: Eclectic Haus
Cost: Free
Facebook: Yes! YES!

PS: Remember that time Bear Hands tore up Eclectic in January, 2011? Click through for a photo retrospective.

AGAIN, AGAIN: Finals Munchies! Cheesy Goodness Delivered


Enjoyed some finals munchies last night? Didn’t get a chance to enjoy ’em? Good news, another chance from Nica Latto ’13:

Finals got you down? Need a cheesy pickup to your night? We’ll be selling gourmet mac n’ cheese and greek pizza slices to kick-start your studying and satisfy your finals munchies, delivered to either Olin or Sci Li!

– Gourmet mac n’ cheese with caramelized onions ~ $3
– Greek-style pizza with feta, spinach and onions ~ $3
– Brownies ~ $1

Text 978-870-8881 to place your order and arrange delivery (to Olin or Sci Li). Help us finance our road trip across the country!

Date: Monday, May 14 TUESDAY, May 15 (tonight!)
Time: 11pm – 2am
Place: Olin or Sci Li
Cost: $3 for pizza or mac n’ cheese, $1 for brownies

Primal Scream @ Midnight

Finals begin tomorrow, so you know what that means tonight, and if you don’t, you should. If you’re in Olin, step outside at 11:56 or so. At midnight, scream your lungs out. Here’s a model from Howard Dean.

You can participate remotely from anywhere on campus—just make sure your car alarm doesn’t go off in the High Rise lot.

Date: Tonight
Time: Midnight
Place: Olin Steps
Why? Link.

Free Yoga Sessions @ Fayerweather

Raghu Appasani ’12 with a (non-MINDS related post?!):

Stressed out from finals? Come over to Fayerweather 108 for a 30-minute Yoga session and get your mind off of things. Sessions will be led on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 4 pm.

Monday: Shira Engel ’14
Tuesday: Maggie Cohen ’12
Wednesday: Charles Horne ’12

Date: May 14, 15, and 17
Time: 4 pm
Place: Fayerweather 108

Ono Final Concert

Cara Tratner ’12 is so freakin’ excited to announce Yoko Ono’s final free concert in the World Music Hall!

Come hear Onomatopoeia one last time! We have some exciting new songs, and we promise to sing our hearts out for you :)

Date: Tonight, May 14
Time: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: World Music Hall
Cost: Free