Amanda Palmer Raises 1.2 Milli, Gets Featured in the NY Times

Amanda Palmer ’98 recently raised $1,192,793 through Kickstarter for her upcoming album and tour, an unprecedented sum of money for a musical project on the site. Her original goal was a meager $100,000.

Holy Cow!

The pretty crazy amount of money she raked in is a testament to the strength of her fan-base. The New York Times ran an article in which the founder of Kickstarter described the Amanda Palmer situation as such: “It’s not about fame. Fame is a lot of people caring about you a little. What Amanda has is something different. It’s a few people caring about her a lot.”

Palmer has done a great job of cultivating a close relationship with her audience, playing intimate shows like the one she held at a Brooklyn loft to celebrate the Kickstarter money, and the acoustic “ninja gig” she played at Wesleyan in the Fall.

Check out the Kickstarter video:

Her interview this year with Aural Wes:

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