Clear Your Sionesses With Lioness: New Recordings Surface

The Artists Formerly Known As Friendsome celebrate three-year reunion with “Seven Year Itch.”

Three hazy years ago this summer, three historic L.A. brosephs (and Dema) encountered each other in the WestCo Freshmen Musical Industrial Complex. They chose a name, and at some fateful Open Mic in the fall of 2009, Friendsome arrived, set on a path moving swiftly towards the opening set of Spring Fling 2010. Now, three years, two name changes, two post-Linus projects, and at least one hiatus later, drummer John “Slayder” Snyder ’12 graduates into the great beyond and the rest of Lioness ponders its future.

And releases more sweet unheard Lioness cuts.

Seven Year Itch,” which you may recognize from the band’s April show in Eclectic, is the latest.  With an epic slow-burning keyboard-and-reverby-guitar intro, wailing guitar solo via part-time member Adrien “Belew” DeFontaine ’13, and curious lyrics about slaying beasts and winning “the battle and the war,” it’s also one of the greatest. As Fofang explains it, the track was produced by members Adrien and Ethan Young ’12 and recorded by Jared Paul ’11 in the Wesleyan music studios last fall. Last week it was made available for free download at the band’s BandCamp page, the first of a handful of previous recordings set to be released throughout this summer.

For more, catch Lioness on Twitter, Aural Wes,, and this pertinent post. Hear “Seven Year Itch” via BandCamp below.

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  1. CanWeGetANewSocialCommittee?

    Eh sounds too much like Ishmael (seriously) which everyone (in the friendsome) knows sounds WAAAAAYYYYY too much like Rush

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