“My Wesleyan Is”: Almonds & Elephants Score VIP Campus Tour

Remember that time Yale produced a nauseating 16-minute musical theater ode to “Why I Chose Yale”? And then the University of Rochester followed suit with “Remember oUR Name,” an admissions-sponsored “array of Rochester facts and figures with a hip hop twist”?

Wesleyan hasn’t taken the plunge. Instead, our own Office of Admissions presents a precious one-minute “quick and very informal tour of Wesleyan,” scored by our very own Almonds & Elephants. It’s not the first time Wesleyan’s campus videographer has culled from the pages of Aural Wes—last month, he snagged a track by LA Gears (Sky Stallbaumer ’12) for a conversation between President Roth and Julia Louis-Dreyfus P ’14. Considering the media attention lauded on our homegrown music scene in recent months, why not shine a spotlight on it?

The tour currently graces the Wesleyan homepage. It only takes you through the bare essentials: the Tomb, the Spurrier-Snyder Skating Rink, and a gorgeous lakeside riverfront dock I’ve never seen in my life. Enjoy, Class of 2016! For a quick-and-dirty nighttime tour of Wes, click past the jump.

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