NUAGE: Your chance to be, like, a big deal or something

Been doing a little bit of thinkin’ this summer? Need to share it with the world? Not friends with anyone who runs The New Inquiry? You should probably befriend Annie Choi ’14:

This is a call to those at home that have some free time this summer to contribute to an emerging philosophy magazine—NUAGE.

This is a new philosophically informed magazine/blog meant to showcase and produce pieces that are thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating while still being entertaining (no small feat, but c’mon Wes, pull it off).  Art, music, pop culture, your own life—all are open topics and welcome for submission.  Think à la David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster.  Explore what interests you, and if you delve deeper than the superficial, that’s perfect!

If you have any free time to jot a few lines about a painting or find yourself interested in a social analysis of a TV show you’ve been watching non-stop this summer, please contribute!  The submissions have no length requirement.  If you find yourself mulling over a topic in your head, write it down and send it to nuagemagazine[a]gmail[d]com.   Spread the word to your friends—this is by no means a Wesleyan exclusive publication.

The magazine is just getting off the ground so anything would be appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks all,

Annie Choi ’14

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6 thoughts on “NUAGE: Your chance to be, like, a big deal or something

  1. pick something else

    There are already two magazines doing this – After Hours and The Argus Mag. Why saturate the market thus limiting the quality of all publications?

    1. pick something applicable

      If you’re going to talk about saturating a market, it would probably help if what you were describing bore at least a loose resemblance to a market.

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