Student-Run Pre-Orientation Camping Trip

Prefrosh? Nervous about Wes? Want to bond with other 2016ers over kosher s’mores before Orientation even kicks off? Ari Fishman ’13 writes in with the plot of an ’80s teen horror movie:

Let’s face it: orientation is overwhelming. But how awesome would it be to go into Orientation having already met and spend two days with twenty other freshman? Class of 2016, your wish has been granted. Come join the student-run Pre-Orientation Camping Trip!

From August 27-29, members of the Wesleyan Jewish Community are organizing an annual camping trip at Kettletown State Park. We set up camp, hike (or stroll), swim, make smores, meet some friendly faces before Orientation begin. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the many ways to be a part of the Wesleyan Jewish Community for participants who are interested. I went on this trip as a freshman, and, now as a rising senior, I am still best friends with some of the people I met during those two days! I know that many other past campers feel the same.

Flying in? No problem! We will be able to hold onto your stuff and arrange to be picked up at the airport if needed. We’d like to emphasize that although it’s organized by the Jewish community, this trip is open to everyone.

Date: August 27 – August 29. Back in time for move-in on the 29th.
Place: Kattletown State Park, Southbury, CT
Facebook event: LINK
Cost: “$60 for food and transportation. If this is too large of a financial commitment, we can work something out.”
Transportation: “If you can, meet us the afternoon of the 27th at the park. Otherwise, meet us that morning at Wes and we’ll drive over together. We promise to have a ragin’ playlist.”
Contact: arfishman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, shausmancohe(at), or rcasparjohns(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

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