WSA: New Diversity+Social Justice Committee in the Works

Over at the WSA blogChristian Hosam ’15 (among others) has been trying to keep the ball rolling from the plethora of end-of-semester developments in the spring. The WSA is considering forming a long-term committee tasked with addresssing “diversity and social justice on Wesleyan’s campus.” From his post:

This effort was established through conversations that were sparked by the Holi sign incident in the late spring that caused some members concern as to what the WSA’s role is to the student body when issues of discrimination and prejudice occur on campus. Internal discussions led to a collaborative meeting including myself and President Zach Malter ’13 and two WesDEF representatives along with Dean Renee Johnson-Thornton, the Dean of Diversity and Student Engagement. This meeting, which sparked a lot of thought in both Zach and myself, has led to some rigorous discussion inside the WSA as to what a formal committee tasked with dealing with these issues should look like.

Most importantly to you, the WSA is soliciting suggestions on what the committee might look like—its focus, membership, and efficacy. Feel free to comment on the post itself (don’t leave Cesar Chavez ’15 out in the cold, yo), or email Christian at chosam@wes with comments and/or suggestions. Hope your Monday’s moving at a leisurely crawl!

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