Who is Wesleyan?

Another request from Wesleyan’s Orientation Puppet-Masters Interns:

You know those giant glass cases in Usdan? The Orientation Team is making a collage this year for the youngin’s and we need you to help us! Please submit your pictures, words, anything, that you think answers, “Who is Wesleyan?” Feel free to submit pictures of you and your friends.

Get on it! Link here.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Wesleyan?

  1. Orientation Interns

    Submit legitimately whatever you want! You can upload pictures directly onto the folder, or email them to orientation@wesleyan.edu. The words were just meant to be very small (mostly picture oriented) so that the collage would form an image that you would be able to see when far back enough (the new logo). Feel free to submit as many words/images as you would like! We really looking not to make the standard “omgcollegeyaywesleyanwe’resoweird” collage.

  2. Suggestion

    Can the words be curated by someone with a wildly different perspective than whoever’s behind these? I can think of few things less interesting (less Wesleyan, even!) than a Usdan display full of incredibly exciting and provocative words like “different”, “talented”, “creative”, “unique” (Seriously? Using the word unique to describe a community is so far from unique.), “hipster” and “hippy”, “Middletown”, and most incredibly, “students”. If it’s not *actually* going to be creative, I think it should be seriously reconsidered.

    Also, where do we submit pictures and other content?

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