Kickstart a Swing! Documentary or Two, Why Don’t Cha?

Happy Sunday morning, everyone. Am I the only one who had a dream about WesWings last night? I blame Jana “Junk Hound” Heaton ’14:

For the first time in Wesleying’s history, someone’s writing about a WesAlum’s (a WeSlum’s?) KICKSTARTER campaign!

An ’87 alum, not the creator of Mad Men or the writer/director of the Avengers, but the woman who brought you Napoleon Dynamite (know your facts, y’all)–Susan Glatzer–is making a documentary about swing votes swing states SWING DANCING.

The film jumps into the little-known, underground community of swing dancing across the states and internationally…and shows some pretty sick swing dancing. Trust me. This is what I do all day. #WillInternForFood

Click here for fun and here for less fun.
There are a bunch of Wes alums as well as current students (Zebra Broadzilla ’14, Andre Cohen ’14 and Yours Truly ’14) that have been working on the film, and we’d appreciate the support of the Wesleyan community!

So take a break from sorting through old email addresses at your internship and check it out:

The Kickstarter Link

Never stop Wesleying,
J. Banana Heaton ’14

p.s. Susan didn’t want to list this as a gift on the site, but if you donate $1,000, I’ll personally give you the opportunity to pull me into your housing in the spring…preferably a lo rise.

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