Honey and the Sting Abuzz over Kickstarter

Honey and the Sting (Sam Long ’12, Jess Best ’14, Mel Hsu ’13, Gemma Smith ’13, Howe Pearson ’12), the environmentally-conscious band that loves the Connecticut River, is recording an album! They initially formed for Sam Long’s thesis concert and have just written a 10-song album about their favorite river ever. But now they need help raising funds to mix and master the album…so they started a Kickstarter campaign

Listen to their spring performance at the Memorial Chapel below to get a feel for the album. Honey and the Sting explains the meaning behind their songs and sound:

The river’s fascinating history, biology, and geology inspired us to celebrate the river’s beauty as well as its ferocity.  We were frustrated with scientific papers and essays so we made this album with the intention of creating an accessible experience that encourages people to respect their local resources.

If you like what you hear and support the environmental mindfulness behind the project, you have until August 25 to help Honey and the Sting reach their goal. 

Kickstarter. Facebook Page. Bandcamp.

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