A Very Wesleyan Vermont Bike ’n Brewery Free Ride

Beer, biking, and the great state of Vermont. Most of my deepest fantasies involve at least two of those delights. Wesleyan alumni and all-around bodacious dudes Greg Brodsky ’99 and Scott Cavanaugh ’99 apparently dream in a similar language, which is why they’ve taken it upon themselves to plan and, later this month, lead a “Vermont Bike and Brewery Challenge,” also known as “Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever.” Eric Swack ’14, who’s also involved (intergenerational Wesleyan bonding, here we come!), writes in with some of the key details:

Wes alums Greg Brodsky ’99 and Scott Cavanaugh ’99 are organizing a bike tour of Vermont breweries this August, run through Scott’s Mount Major Adventures. Vermont is a premier destination for both cycling, with its tranquil county roads, as well as beer, as it boasts the most breweries per capita of any state. We will visit over half of the breweries in the state, including The Alchemist, makers of the renowned Heady Topper! The trip runs August 25 – 29, and participants are welcome to join for as much or as little of the ride as they please, so join them for a day, a weekend or the full experience. The trip is free, so you do have to buy your own beer. Lodging and other info can be found on the site here.

You can also find a good deal of logistical info on the site’s FAQs, which naturally urges you to ditch your job and swing along for the whole ride, but doesn’t clarify if you have to be a Phish fan. Bring your wife! Bring your mother! Bring your recently divorced and perpetually depressed writer-friend portrayed by Paul Giamatti!

Date: Saturday, August 25 – Wednesday, August 29
Place: Starts and ends in Burlington, VT
Cost: Well, how much beer are you going to drink? Resources for food, lodging, and camping are provided on the site.
Link: Click here to sign up.

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  1. Big T '11

    For anyone thinking about going, The Alchemist is an amazing brewery, their food was also delicious and very inexpensive!! I would visit if i was not on the better coast!

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