New Lioness: “Hot Mess”

"The left drink is a Lioness. The right drink is a Hot Mess!"

The new Lioness song, “Hot Mess,” will definitely sound familiar to anyone who’s ever been to a Lioness (or Linus) show. But never has it sounded quite like this. Often a set-closer, or so says the sixth Lioness Adrien DeFontaine ’13, the song now arrives in polished recorded form. And it’s a catchy-ass tune. Those Jason Katzenstein ’13 vocals sure sound nice, dontchathink? I sure do. And what about that big ending? Yup!

If you still haven’t listened to Lioness since they were Linus, I’d say, “You should really listen to Lioness because these songs are killer fo real.” They sure sound good and get my ringing endorsement. The killofrights stamp of approval. (My stamp looks like this).

Like most of the band’s other recent releases, the track was recorded by Jared Paul ’11 and produced by DeFontaine and Ethan Young ’13, also a Lioness. Artwork is by Dylan Bostick ’13, also a Lioness. The other Lionesses are John Snyder ’12 and Dema Paxton Fofang ’13.

More Linus here at bandcamp. And here’s their facebook page that is still called Linus.

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