Wesleyan Endorses Romney-Ryan?

We all know that Wesleyan bleeds cardinal red with conservatism, and now there’s yet another ranking to prove it.  As an alum puts it, “we were out-leftied by a school in Arkansas,” coming in at #15 of the Newsweek/College Prowler Most Liberal Colleges Ranking.  This comes only a year after the Princeton Review induced a campus-wide identity crisis by implying that Wesleyan is no longer weird.  To comfort your faint liberal to very liberal heart, please observe the reassuring photographic evidence of our liberalness above and repeatedly watch footage of Andrew Beritbart taking a swing at our good ole Methodist name.

Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC comes in as the most liberal school in America.  College Prowler tells us that the best things at Warren Wilson include the view of the mountains and the farm.  Meanwhile, the worst include such unrelatable things as the cost of tuition and “getting trapped in the Wilson bubble.”  Transfer applications are due November 15.

Newsweek, with financial problems that make Wesleyan look profitable, has been trying lately to seduce readers with everything from asparagus to college rankings (why not? everyone else is doing it!).  The Huffington Post’s thoughtful analysis of these results describes the process: “Newsweek said it partnered with College Prowler to have students rank their schools by how liberal they felt the philosophy on campus was.”  They’ve got our numbers though:

  • Very Liberal Student Population: 30 percent
  • Liberal Student Population: 65 percent
  • Political Diversity on Campus: 3 (out of 10)

The other five percent, one must conjecture, represents independents who lean liberal.  Diversity University!  Scalia, on tour, was not available for comment.

[DISCLAIMER: Please excuse any sarcasm.  It’s a Monday.]


[Edit 23:10 August 13 pyrotechnics]

In case anybody cares, this is the second Google Image hit for the phrase ‘Wesleyan does not endorse Romney-Ryan:’

Let me know in the comments if you can figure out why.

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11 thoughts on “Wesleyan Endorses Romney-Ryan?

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  3. Bingbong

    Wesleyan prides itself on being accepting of all different kinds of people and being open minded on political views. Ur liberal, I get it, I respect that. I’m not. Is the no right turn sign necessary? or the Romney said the olympics weren’t happening joke on the right? We celebrate being open minded and diverse but everyone shares the same beliefs. The idea of being well rounded is a sham

    1. pyrotechnics

      The sign to which you object was quite literally a random result of Google. Even if it wasn’t simply humorous, it has nothing to do with the political right (which is really just an arbitrary direction anyway, go ask the internet). It’s simply suggesting that religion should not turn into politics. Or that there is no right choice when religion and politics intersect. Or whatever. It’s a googled image.

      1. Mickey

        It’s just a googled image, but you chose to put it in. You should take responsibility for it, not just say it’s a google image. It’s a very self-righteous article, which is written in a biased liberal way. That’s why it sparked the other comment.

      2. Bingbong

        It’s a google image…but you chose to put it in your article, take responsibility for it. That’s such a lame excuse. I get it, you were trying to be funny, and you probably succeeded to the 95%.

    2. Samaritan

      08 alum here – if you express any vaguely right-leaning views in a Wespeak, prepare to get torn apart. Wes was fun and all but I wouldn’t say people were opened minded politcally.

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