Better Late Than Never: Concert Committee Welcomes Summer Booking

Remember all those shows we had on campus last September? Remember that excellent Wye Oak show? Remember when Dodos came? Remember Jeff the Brotherhood and Generationals and Amanda Palmer ’98?

Okay, forget about Amanda Palmer. That was kind of a fluke. The rest of those shows were the result of last summer, when Concert Committee began letting students propose and book shows over the summer to fill up the calendar for the early fall. If you’re interested in getting in on the action for Fall 2012, here’s Chelsie Green ’14 reporting live from Chelsea:

Due to a successful first summer, we’re allowing anyone with some prior experience in booking (though there may be some exceptions to that) to book a show over the summer for the beginning of the school year. Ideally, that would be the first weekend back in September, extending through the month of October. Unfortunately, we’re getting a really late start because of things out of our control and now are very much in need of proposals for September, especially. Only a percentage of our budget will be available and we’re functioning on a “first come, first serve” basis, just as we do during the school year. Please email ctgreen@wes, chickox@wes, and nbrenner@wes with your proposal which should include information about the act(s), a potential venue, a date, and any other info you can throw at us.

Contact: ctgreen@wes, chickox@wes, and nbrenner@wes
Deadline: Soon.

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