Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2012

If you can't tell from the glaring orange in this picture that this is not the Wesleyan you'll be attending in just a few days, please go home.

Dear prefrosh,

Word on the street is that you’re excited.  Your AP scores just can’t show up on ePortfolio fast enough, you’re over 2,000 comments deep in a word-association game, and you’ve already bought that handy-dandy MacBook Pro.  We get it.  But do you know what you need to like on Facebook? What student groups you want to join?  How to run away from Wesleyan in case it’s too scary?  No? Don’t worry, ‘cuz Wesleying’s got your back.

Welcome to the Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2012, a collection of unbiased, purely factual, informative posts by a bunch of kids who sometimes claim to represent “real students, real student life at Wesleyan University.”  We know that you’ll be too busy developing your frosh-pack and hipstagramming photos of your first Psi U party to learn anything between August 26th/29th and September 2nd, so we’ve got the following topics covered:

For the next two weeks, we’re striving to post a new installment once every day or two, so check back around noon each day.  Some of these posts are newly hatched and others are updates to previous Unofficial Orientation Series editions that are updates to even earlier Unofficial Orientation Series incarnations.  To keep track of these posts as they’re published, you can view the Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2012 tag or just check back to this post (which will be updated) for links.

Questions about Wes?  Post ’em as comments!  Wesleying is proud to say that we have commenters who have opinions on everything, and we just might have more upperclassmen readers than the WesAdmits 2016 Facebook Group.

Oh, and if you haven’t realized that the picture at the top of this post is not of the Wesleyan at which you’ve enrolled, you might want to read these posts extra-carefully.

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