The Internet: As Much a Part of the Future As We Are

And it’s already got more stuff in it than you can possibly imagine!

As it turns out, only fifth graders really understood the potential of the Internet in 1995. Well, fifth graders and Sergey Brin.

Featuring fifth-grade students at the Ray Bjork school in Helena, Montana, this newly viral PSA is a relic of a lost era when you had to tell people about the perks of the Internet. Interestingly, these kids are only a few years older than we are, and the video is cut from the same goofy mid-90s cloth that produced this Katie Couric segment and this Argus article, which marvels at the presence of “X-rated photos” and “Bluegrass banjo music” on the World Wide Web. 

“It’s already got more stuff in it than you can possibly imagine!” a wide-eyed mushroom-cut boy exclaims. Like soccer scores for a team in Italy, information on the rainforest, and recipes for cat food cupcakes! But an AV Club commenter is unimpressed:

Cat cupcakes?  Bah, anybody could have predicted that.  If they’d prophetized the cat cupcake porn tumblr, now *that* would be something.

For more on Netscape browsers and Geocites homepages, check out the 1996-themed Ampersand.

[via AV Club]