Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Athletics and Athlete Life

For all you ’16 athletes, would-be athletes, and fanatics, look forward to college! Whatever your sport, here’s a bit of wisdom on navigating the sports scene here at good ol’ Wellesleyan. (“There are sports at Wesleyan??” Yes. There are.)

First, the Freeman Athletic Center. You will live here. (Especially if you’ve been assigned to Fauver Bennet Hall.) Get to know its shiny, new, sweaty interior. A head start on some Freeman secrets: the weight room is open from early to evening. If you’re just going to work out, try to avoid the 4 pm rush, when most sports teams are using the gym and other students get out of class. The pool (okay, “natatorium”) is another great resource for working out.

Hours fluctuate. (Full hours on Freeman are available here.) The rink is open on the weekends for ice skating. Best kept secret: enjoy the sauna or the steam room in the lockers after practice or working out. And if you are short on time, shower at Freeman instead of going all the way back to your dorm. Some athletes get their own lockers, but everyone can purchase a lock to keep their own locker for the year. Athletes (rowers: does not apply to you) have free laundry service at Freeman after practice. Take advantage of this. And did you know we have a campus nutritionist?

For some sports, you will get to know the sports trainers well. Don’t be scared to go there (located bottom floor down the hall from the locker rooms) if you need ice or any other assorted injury care.

If you are not on a roster but want to sweat and run on a regular basis, have no fear. There are copious opportunities. Wexercise classes are taught by certified Wesleyan students. Yoga, kickboxing, or zumba classes can be paid by class or for a semester fee.

Club sports teams run abound. These are generally less of a commitment than varsity sports, but for most, no less intense. We have three Frisbee teams, soccer teams, skiing team, bicycling team, equestrian team, plus more. Sign up at the student groups fair, which is September 14 this year. There are also ample intramural opportunities, which only play within Wes. Check out this page for a full listing.

Athlete or not, if you want to learn a new sport, or just pull yourself into the gym, take a class!

Just an avid spectator? Almost every weekend there will be viewing opportunities for you. The Athletics home page will list home games, so get to know this site.

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    All the sports you mentioned as intramurals are club teams. There’s a pretty big difference: club teams play other schools, intramural is within Wes.

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