800 Incoming Freshmen Totally Miss Obama’s Reddit AMA

“Someone’s moving into Clark! As a former Clark 1st Floor resident, all I can say is: woo hoo!”

As you read this, approximately 800 members of the newly minted Class of 2016 are having their inauguratory hall meetings, stating their hometowns and preferred pronouns, and optimistically including sexile contingency plans in their roommate contracts. They can’t tell Fayerweather from Fauver Bennet, and they still can’t figure out which wall is best for that Big Lebowski poster, but they are endlessly excited to be here (and some of them look suspiciously familiar). Bienvenue, les enfants! We’re not all back on campus yet, but we’re all really pumped to meet you (and I’m sure the 85 or so international students already on campus would say the same thing). As President Roth noted on his blog this morning,

It’s a beautiful morning, and first-year students will see the campus looking its best as they meet their new roommates, find out how to get their food at Usdan, discover the newly renovated Butterfield dorms and the newly named Bennet Hall. Parents will be wondering (sometimes, with misty eyes) how quickly the time has passed since the first day of high school,  while their sons and daughters will often be wondering why their folks are lingering on the campus that now belongs to them. Not to worry: Homecoming/Family Weekend will be here before you know it!

If you’re a frosh, you can check out the Orientation 2012 handbook online here, featuring tried-and-true favorites like Common Moment, Bend It At Beckham, BiLeGaTas, and In The Company of Otters (Frosh: go to these.) If you’re not a frosh—well, you can also check out the Orientation 2012 Handbook online here. Tie-dye a WESLEYAN 2016 t-shirt, put on your best toothy-freshmany grin, and try sneaking to your heart’s desires.

Meanwhile, the Wesleyan University YouTube channel has taken the liberty of posting Orientation advice videos for incoming frosh, including this short clip on how to get along with your roommate (or roommates, as the case may be):

As usual, campus photography menace Olivia Drake caught much of the chaos on camera and uploaded 54 photos with record speed. You can check out her Class of 2016 Arrival Day photo album on Facebook. Scroll on for Wesleying’s Move-In Day photos, courtesy of Rachie Weisberg ’15 and Marj Dodson ’13. And welcome, freshmen!
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