An Assortment of Crayons Produce “Epic Musical Excursions of Synthesized Shredding Funk

“Swung Funk Rock with a touch of Math and the kitchen sink”

An Assortment of Crayons, otherwise known as “those dudes who were going to open for Ishmael that one time when ‘bureaucratic bullshit’ got in the way,” has an album out. Though plagued by misfortune, that lineup made good sense. Like Ishmael, AAOC favor jamming over jangly guitars, and they’re unafraid list Phish as a key influence (“The Shelf” and “To Trust a Stranger” are especially indicative).

If those elements sound innocent enough to you, check the album out on SoundCloud, where it’s available for free streaming. It’s titled Styles, and members have labeled it “EPIC MUSICAL EXCURSIONS OF Synthesized shredding funk soulful space odyssey of jazzy rock.” Jack Singer ’15, the only WesKid in the band, emailed me with some further information on the history of the band:

I am the only student involved, and I’m graduating class of 2015. We’ve played either 4 or 5 shows at Wesleyan last year, and plan to bring many more back this upcoming year. We met in high school, and currently our band consists of Erik Hill and Sean Hill (lead guitarists and vocalists) and Matthew Richards (keyboards and vocals). Those three go to SUNY New Paltz. We also feature Eric Segerstrom on drums, who attends Julliard University as a composition major, and then myself, a rising Sophomore at Wesleyan, and I play the bass.

We all listen to a fair amount of Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks, Phish, and The Talking Heads, to name a few.

Here’s the link.

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  1. john

    so not only does this band suck, but only one of their members is from wesleyan, he’s the BASSIST, and he doesn’t write any of the music… why is this being featured?

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