Kilbourne ’14 Contributes DJ Mix to DIS Magazine

Look closely and there's a wedding going on.

Today in Wesleyan DJ news, or recently I guess, our own Jason Kilbourne ’14, who DJs under the moniker Kilbourne and is playing this awesomely titled event tonight in Bed-Stuy with LE1F and more, has contributed a new mix to DIS Magazine’s disco series (which has featured past mixes from acts like Salem, NGUZUNGUZU, Venus X, Pictureplane, and Teengirl Fantasy).

Kilbourne, who interned at Mad Decent this summer and is a swell person, writes that the mix is about “taking bath salts I guess, specifically at a wedding, musically it’s about the overlap between Philly Club Music and Hardstyle/Hardcore/Jumpstyle/Etc. or NrG music.”

Some more info from Kilbourne, who knows more about dance music genres than you do (or I do), after the jump:

Much of it’s deliberately cheesy and sometimes undanceable (but sometimes very danceable), in general I think it’s pretty aggressive. Philly Club Music is a genre that’s extremely local (although as Jersey Club and Generic Bastardized Bmore become more fashionable/ubiquitous it too may become an overhyped trend for everyone), so it’s really interesting for me to work with Philly Club and more global music trends at the same time.

Kilbourne (who you can like on Facebook here) writes that although many see Philly Club music as “a bunch of sirens and what’s,” there is actually complexity, and that it was a valuable experience to make a mix for a magazine that takes the genre seriously.

Check out Kilbourne’s mix HERE. It features samples from weddings, Bait Bus (NSFW), Actual People Snorting Bath Salts, and Return of the Living Dead.

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