Waste Not! Tag Sale this Weekend

If you’re still looking for cheap, useful stuff to buy, go to the Waste Not! tag sale this weekend:

Need a loveseat to canoodle on? How about a mini Buddha figurine to match with your Tibetan prayer flags? Fretting over how to launder your comforter without tennis balls? Waste Not!, Wesleyan’s annual tag sale, has all of these things, plus an extensive collection of tutus and a pristine Batman statue.

Every spring, students donate items that they not longer need or want, and we store them over the summer to sell in the fall. We have mini-fridges, outdoor furniture, couches, clothing, costumes, kitchenware, and tons of miscellaneous, often hilarious, items for you to buy at extremely low prices. It’s Wesleyan thrifting!

The proceeds go to sustain the Waste Not! program (pay for storage, etc.) and extra goes to charity, so come support us! We’ve been working hard to sort through all this stuff and it kind of feels like we’ve been touching hundreds of really sweaty people for hours.

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Rough Prices:

Desk/standing lamps $7-12
Couches $45-55
Microwaves $30
Fridges $40-45
Clothes $1
Knick Knacks $2-4
Mirrors $20
Pots $15-20

Any questions? E-mail wesustainability[at]gmail[dot]com.

Facebook event.
Time: Saturday and Sunday (Sept 1 and 2) 12:00-4:00
Place:  There are two locations. One is the red garage behind Womanist House on Brainerd Ave and the other is the yellow garage between Fountain Ave and Pine St.:

Finally, some photos from previous Waste Not! tag sales (RIP, MoCon):

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