Fund and Follow Creativity: The Postponed Project

“We are not telling a small story; this is a story that an entire generation has a stake in.”

Over the last year, Wesleyan has seen its fair share of students and alumni alike posting their own campaigns on the ever expanding Kickstarter site. Kickstarter has seen Wesleyan musical projects, like Mel & Josh are Recording an Album, brought to us by Mel Hsu ’12 and Josh Smith ’11, or From Source to Sea: A River Kickstarter, promoted by recent grad Sam Long ’12. Wesleyan students have campaigned dramatic productions as well. Daniel Obzetja ’12, used Kickstarter to fund his senior thesis film, Peter & the Paper Wolves, and Samantha Pearlman ’11, campaigned Devotedly, Sincerely Yours: The Story of the USO. Then there was Susan Glatzer ’87’s swing-dancing documentary. Most prominently of all, Amanda Palmer ’98 managed to raise over a million dollars by crowdfunding her upcoming album project.

Among these already completed and successful Kickstarters lies one, from Wesleyan alumni Chris Correa10, that is looking to hit its funding goal by September 18th. Correa founded Future House Pictures, the production company behind the campaign, in his senior year at Wesleyan. His team includes Robert Hardesty ’12, Justin Douglas ’08, Ian Park ’11, Brian Velsor ’11 and Justin Schwartz ’11

The campaign, The Postponed Project, looks to combine their webseries, Postponed (filmed last year at Wesleyan), with the interactive nature of the web to tell a larger story. As Correa writes:

We are not telling a small story; this is a story that an entire generation has a stake in. We believe that the fictional narrative of “Postponed” The Web Series is only one part of a larger, three tiered story. The Internet allows for new storytelling techniques that are only just beginning to be explored.  We have the opportunity to take advantage of these strengths, to tell an even richer story that utilizes the interactivity and community-building possibilities of the Internet. In the new media movement, we want to be pioneers!

Want to continue the trend of successful Kickstarter campaigns? Check out their Kickstarter here, and watch previous episodes of Postponed here.

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