Move-In Day Speed Video: “Make Sure You Do Everything”

“I’m really undecided at the moment . . . “

We’ve been waiting for one of those classic Arrival-Day-in-two-minutes speed videos to pop up on the Wesleyan site, and finally it’s here. Thanks, Wesleyan videographer!

This one’s got it all: welcome packets, an impromptu “Go Wes!”, a multi-state license plate montage, families dragging luggage into Clark, frosh stating their place of origin (“It’s just outside Boston”), a family of Wes grads, and this piece of advice from an RA: “My first year I didn’t do anything. Make sure you do everything!” It’s only missing some shots of President Roth high-fiving the Wes cardinal, but this photo will have to do.

On a semi-related note, an anonymous student dropped this note in Wesleying’s tipbox: 

can y’all post something for froshies who might be feeling down about how much orientation sucks? already seen one crying. My first week at wesleyan I found myself wondering why everyone liked to drink so goddamn much before I realized that people chill out and life at wes gets WAAAY better after orientation week. just wanna let them know that even if things arent so hot now, they shouldnt get start filling out those transfer apps.

Unhappy frosh, take note: Orientation is overwhelming, unmanageable, and often terrifying by its nature. It’s a trip, but it’s definitely not representative of normal daily life at Wes. If you’re miserable, give it a few days.

Post your advice for overwhelmed frosh in the comments section. Our Move-In Day gallery is below.

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  1. Enad

    “Our” move in day gallery? Many of those look like The Wesleyan Photog’s shutterfly posts. Credit where it’s due.

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