Work Opportunity: Star & Crescent Seeks Kitchen Staff

Welcome new freshman and welcome back to all you other folk!

The Star and Crescent, located at the Alpha Delta Phi Society house, is hanging up a “Help Wanted Sign” over the interwebs of Wesleying. They are seeking Wesleyan students to work in the kitchen as Chef Assistants. General description of the work includes helping prepare meals (cutting veggies, frosting cakes, making simple sauces), washing dishes, plating dishes, and making salads. This is a paid position. Interested? Find out more at the informational meeting.

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 4
Time: 4 pm
Place: The Star and Crescent, Alpha Delta Phi (185 High Street)
Contact: Taylor Goodstein ’14 (disclosure: that’s me) at tgoodstein(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you have questions. 

To check out some of the delicious meals you could be preparing, click here, here, and here. Warning: prepare to be drooling like a food fool.

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