Whudja Get at Waste Not!?

The annual Waste Not! tag sale was this weekend—the usual hodgepodge of second (or third or fourth) hand knickknacks. This year the sale was in two locations, Brainerd and Fountain. Despite prices, which some perusers felt were a bit steep, most items sold quickly. The sale started at noon on Saturday with shoppers sprinting to couches, lamps, mirrors Supermarket Sweep style. Fountain was picked almost clean within the first half hour of the sale, but Brainerd—where all the clothes were—was going strong all day Saturday.

So, what’d people buy? Film hall now has a new record player, which they claim will be used for “playing music.” Jules Berman ’16 of West College bought a birdhouse, which he’s hoping will bring canaries and cockatoos to play above his bed.

A shout out to the hip and cool sustainability interns, Noah K-M ’13 and Kate Weiner ’15, who will be putting on campus sustainability events throughout the year.

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