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The Wesleyan Spirits Want You To Audition…

Coming at you from Brian Lee ’13:

…But only if you’re male and enjoy singing… and college acappella. The Wesleyan Spirits, Wesleyan’s oldest, all-male acappella group, are holding auditions for any dudes, homies, sk8er boiz, ballas, hustlas, pimps, playas, bros, or all around good-guys with angelic voices.Bring something to sing, a funny joke or haiku, a pen, and anything else that makes you feel special.

The Wesleyan Spirits is the oldest all-male singing group at Wesleyan University. Now in our 32nd year, we are committed to performing a diverse, ever-changing repertoire of beautiful and challenging music while upholding the great singing tradition of Wesleyan… and to having a great time in the process.

What: Wesleyan Spirits Auditions
Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 3 and 4
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Place: Alpha Delt Greene Room (185 High St.)

Second Day Snacks @ ADP

From the excellent Charming Yu ’13:

Welcome back to campus! Reconnect with friends–or meet some new ones–talk about your summers and how the first two days of school have been. College work seem overwhelming? We have snacks, coloring books, connect-the-dots, and stories with Erhard!

Date: Tomorrow, September 3
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.)
Facebook: link

Audition for the Cardinal Sinners

LA princess/diva/Sign House resident Lauren Seo ’14 invites you sing Beyoncé songs and sometimes dress in black:

Come audition for the Cardinal Sinners, Wesleyan’s oldest all-female a cappella group!! We like to sing sassy soulful music and you should come sing with us!!!!

Prepare a hot song and bring your hot body! Wahoooooo we’re so excited to meet you!!!!


  • Tuesday Sept 4,  8-10 pm in Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor of Usdan)
  • Wednesday Sept 5, 8-10 pm in Usdan 110

Sign up For New Student Forum: Education Policy in the United States

Portuguese Water Dogs have nothing to do with Education Policy. That doesn’t mean they aren’t cute.

Sydney Lewis ’14 writes in to tell us about a new student forum, Education Policy in the United States, targeting those sociologically-intrigued Wesminds. This forum is being lead by Lewis, Andy Ribner ‘14 and Catherine Doren ‘13The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6, with the first meeting being this Thursday. If Education Policy tickles your fancy, than this basic course description will really rev your engines: 

This forum will provide students with an understanding of education policy in the United States. Based on the interest in WeSFER (Students for Education Reform), the new Study of Education Certificate, and other education activism on campus, there seems to be a great deal of energy and interest among students interested in education. This forum will address those interests and support student activism for education reform by providing students with a strong background in education policy.

Quasimodal A Cappella Auditions

Here is a sweet message from classically handsome Ben Keeshin ’14:

Hey Everyone! Quasimodal, Wes’s oldest co-ed acapella group is holding auditions Monday and Tuesday of this week. We’re looking for men, women, ze’s, dudes, broads, divas, etc. If you love singing, we’d love to have you! Please prepare a little something and come on down on Monday, 4-6 pm in Usdan 114 and Tuesday, 7-9 pm in the Nics Lounge. See/hear you soon!

Date: Monday, September 3 and Tuesday, September 4
Time: 4 – 6 pm, 7 – 9 pm, respectively
Place: Usdan 114, Nics Lounge, respectively