Animated Thesis Film Seeks Voice Actors

Ben Smith ’13 is making an animated thesis film, which will feature “lots and lots of teeth.” He’s looking for voice actors—not necessarily “cartoony” voices or impressions, just “good voice acting”:

Let’s get animated! Become a voice and persona behind a character in Benjamin Smith ’13’s traditionally-animated senior thesis film, Pearly Whites. This dark comedy is not your Saturday Morning’s cartoon. Set in a sleepy town in Oregon, Pearly Whites details the events that occur in the life of a dentist whose newest patient has become addicted to Nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The film deals with themes of depression, parenting, and teeth. Lots and lots of teeth.

Voice Actor Requirements: The script has five male parts and one female part. However, two of the male roles are aged 8-10 years old, so they should be of particular interest to child and female voice actors. The other three male voices are 40 or “younger father’s age.” The single female voice is also 40. Those interested should note that this film does not require “cartoony” voices or impressions, just good voice acting.

Auditions will be held in early October. Please email Benjamin Smith at basmith@wes to get on his list to be notified of the exact audition date and location. If you cannot make the date, but would still like to send in an .mp3 audition, let Ben know via email and he will instruct you on how to go about doing that.

Contact: basmith@wes
Audition date: October

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