Job Opportunity For Sophomores/Juniors With Amy Bloom ’75

Are you a smart, reliable, punctual person who does not mind doing some menial tasks (copying, sending e-mails, picking up a few pizzas)  as well as some interesting ones and needs income?

Amy Bloom ’75, University Writer-in-Residence and recent children’s book author, needs a hand with emails, tasks around the office (169 High Street, The Shapiro Center for Creative Writing), and planning some student-oriented events (the more fun part). The job will be about ten hours a week in the fall and up to 15 in the spring.

The job will be posted on the financial aid/job site, and you do not need to be work-study.

Please get in touch with Amy at amy(at)amybloom(dot)com after the job is posted (or before, if you’re very keen).

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