Why Are There Still Open Seats in Dar Williams’ Class?

I am sitting in a capitalist democracy, different from the one you are in now.

Acclaimed folk singer and generally exemplary alum Dar Williams ’89 is teaching a CSPL course this semester. Drop/Add started today. So why is WesMaps reporting 22 out of 25 seats available? Are you all too busy trying to get your NSM credits in? Waiting for Le1f to show up and teach a dance course?

Professor Rob Rosenthal, whose book appears prominently on the course syllabus, tipped us off to this mystery, describing the course as “the best-kept secret in Wesleyan history.” (Rosenthal has apparently never stayed awake at night wondering who broke the Clark elevator in 2009.) Rose Agger ’10, a slightly less famous alum, is equally baffled by the open slots. Agger sent us a pitch for Williams’ course, which is apparently endorsed by a Maryland State Senator:

Another, more famous alum, Dar Williams ’89, is teaching a class this semester, and it has many seats open. Maryland State Senator and friend of Dar Williams, Jamin Raskin, urges Wesleyan students to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a course on the relationship between musical movements and political movements and the market dynamics of capitalist democracy.  This is an incredible opportunity to study with a brilliantly creative artist, writer, and thinker who many people consider America’s foremost folk rock musician.

More information on Williams’ course here. Register for the course on Wesmaps or forever hold your peace.

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12 thoughts on “Why Are There Still Open Seats in Dar Williams’ Class?

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  4. Anonymous

    It could also be a matter of timing. The Wednesday, 1:10-4 time slot conflicts with many other classes.

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  6. wat.

    no one is signing up for it because no one can find it. it’s in the center for public life. who ever looks there?

  7. Random Rambo

    Its not that no one has enrolled. Enrollment requests have no been approved. I added this course the minute it came out and no one has taken any action on it.

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