Need Blind Wes: All Chalked Up with Nowhere To Go

#YOHNBAO: You Only Have Need Blind Admissions Once

Though the above picture might appear, at first glance, to be an elaborate illustration of the considerable confusion a freshman might have had, had ze missed yesterday’s building code post, that confusion remains undocumented. In actuality, those scrawls of gypsum mark the debut of chalking for the class of 2016 and the first in what promises to be a series of actions by students opposed to the administration’s proposed changes to Wesleyan’s long-standing need-blind admissions policy (be sure to check out the bottom of A-Batte’s post if you care to read up on the need-blind battle thus far).

An enthusiastic group of 60 or so students assembled last night on Foss (many of them freshmen) to partake in the action, drawing and writing messages from Foss to the Butts. While it remains uncertain whether the chalk was swept away by rain or by the mighty arsenal of power washers that the University retains for such shenanigans, it’s clear that Wes students will not be taking the new admissions policy lying down (unless, perhaps, it involves blocking the entrance to a building).

Many more pictures after the jump.

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[photos by me, Zach, and Mita Sugeng ’13]

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