Interest Meeting for New Local Co-Op

Interested in eating local? Maxwell Hellmann ’13 writes in about an exciting new alternative to the existing Fruit and Veggie Co-Op at Wes!

You might have heard rumblings about a student-operated local food co-operative that formed last year. Maybe you didn’t. Last year, after much pressure from students, Bon Appetit agreed to run a pilot program that would bring fresh, seasonal produce from local farms to students’ kitchens (much like a CSA). The program’s success has convinced Bon Appetit that the local co-op is a worthwhile and financially viable venture, and they will be allowing it to grow in size this year!

The co-op will now be offering several different options that can be purchased with points:

  • -Veggie share (with some seasonal fruit) : $130
  • -Egg share : $55
  • -Meat share : $50
  • -Non-meat protein substitute share (tofu and seitan from The Bridge) : $50
  • -Dairy share (from Ronnybrook!) : $TBA
  • -Bread share (from Hartford Bread Co.) : $TBA
  • -Value-added share (other local products such as honey, jam, maple syrup, etc.) : $TBA
  • **In the works for future semesters: Seafood share

All co-op members will be required to spend a minimum of five hours each semester volunteering. Responsibilities will include sorting deliveries, distributing shares, and clean-up. Without this commitment, the co-op would not be able to continue operating sustainably. Additionally, there will be potlucks, recipe swaps, farm visits, and so much more throughout the semester! Unfortunately, the co-op is still in the process of being developed and Bon Appetite has required that it grow slowly to guarantee that farms can meet demand and deliver products efficiently.  To guarantee fairness, there will be a lottery system for filling the spaces available for new members. For anyone interested in joining the local co-op (and capable of committing to the member requirements), there will be a mandatory meeting where all questions will be answered and mysteries will be de-mystified.

What: Local Co-Op Interest Meeting
Date: Wednesday September 5th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Shanklin 107

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