BandCampWes: DreamHost—Because Dylan Doesn’t Do Enough Music Already

yo guys tunes tunes tunes u no dreamhost. well lemme tell u. dylan bostick ’13 fuckin makes mad music dude, good shit its so 80s and stuff. here look at the last one its pretty baller. turns out tha kidd went double down did a new album using shit from going aborad to italy, fuck, look! new album drops called in italia!!!! like a fuckin land shark g, my dude. go here to get it you can just click the picture too though here’s the lowdown from usdan’s own dylan broccoli:

made the tracks over the summer, inspired by/used some samples from music i heard in italy.  thats about it.

yeah pretty simple now put some space in those drums. wait we’ve got a lot anyway italian space program up in this shit!!!! fuckin d.b. killin it dude not gonna lie chillwave 80s shit pretty ballin right now. might be a lil high dont think i remember smoking though, am i even awake right now. fuck. check it out dude do my boi a solid. party at his place on knowles tonight come through bro. peace love hare grease catch you later anyone tryna smoke tonight hit me up lets get some bud dude

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